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Meet the Team

Meet The Team

  • Dr. Leah Hahn

    Dr. Leah Hahn grew up in Minnesota and watched her mother suffer with severe illness for years while receiving little help from the medical profession. Finally her mother found a Chiropractor that helped her achieve health and healing through chiropractic care, exercise, and nutrition. After these experiences, Dr. Leah knew that she had found her passion and wanted to dedicate her time and energy to helping others in a holistic and natural form of healing.

    This inspiration led Dr. Leah’s pursuit to help people achieve abundant health. She attended Cornell College and received her degree in Biology and Anthropology. Her next pursuit was Northwestern Health Sciences University for postgraduate studies. At NWHSU she completed her Doctor of Chiropractic degree, and additionally specialized in Network Spinal Analysis and Functional Medicine.

  • Dr. Scott Hahn

    Dr. Scott Hahn grew up in northern Minnesota, near the Canadian border. Living in an incredibly beautiful part of the country, he was able to take advantage of the outdoors. Dr. Scott grew up as an outdoor enthusiast and also excelled in multiple sports. After severely injuring his shoulder in football, it was chiropractic that finally allowed him to become active again.

    It was his personal story of healing that inspired Dr. Scott to attend chiropractic school. He attended University of Minnesota Duluth before pursuing his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Northwestern Health Sciences University. He met Dr. Leah during the first week of chiropractic school. Dr. Leah and Dr. Scott share a similar passion for providing natural health and wellness for families. Together, they attended hundreds of hours of seminars to gain Certification in Network Spinal Analysis, Health and Wellness, Nutrition, Public Outreach and a Certification in Pediatrics.

  • Michelle Dragon, LMT RMT
    Licensed Massage Therapist

    Michelle received her National Certification in Bodywork and Massage Therapy in 2002 from East Wind School of Holistic Healing in Iowa City, Iowa. She specializes in deep-tissue, neuromuscular therapy, Trigger Point, and Myofascial Release. In addition, Michelle is a Reiki Master and former licensed practitioner and owner of Radiant Heart Healing in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  

    Here at Body In Balance Wellness Center she works closely with Drs. Hahn in offering modalities that work together to help the body heal naturally. She focuses on softening the muscles and their attaching tendons and muscles, which allows them to better conform to the new alignment. By using integrated therapeutic bodywork, she allows the systems to naturally adjust to a new equilibrium and state of balance. She enjoys being able to support each client on their journey to health and wellness.

  • Casandra Morelli, LMT
    Licensed Massage Therapist

    While working on a farm in Northern California, Casandra worked in many different positions throughout the day and found herself in pain a lot of the time. Upon working at the farmer's market, she began trading her fresh organic produce with bodywork from the massage therapist in the stall next to hers. She quickly found that she started feeling better with consistent stretching and regular massage and began to open up to just how deep self care actually goes.

    Upon returning to Colorado, she decided to go to massage school to help people find healing through touch. Learning about the human body had fascinated her to no end and helped her realize her desire to educate the public on the support the body needs to heal itself. She continues to use different methods to help manipulate the tissues and guide the body in healing. These modalities include deep tissue, myofascial trigger point therapy, stretching, Swedish, and more. Come in and receive bodywork today and experience why she loves what she does!

  • Megan Burkhardt, MS, CSCS
    Personal Trainer

    I have had a passion for health and fitness my whole life. From elementary school softball, then cheerleading and track in high school, and finally rock climbing in college to present. Hailing from Indianapolis, IN, I studied Exercise Science at IU and gained my BS and MS before moving out to Colorado. I love helping people achieve their goals no matter what they are trying to accomplish!


    Bachelor’s in Exercise Science- Indiana University

    Masters in Exercise Science-Indiana University

    Wilderness Education -NOLS

    Credentials: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist-NSCA


    FMS Level 1


    Experience: I have been training since 2006 with a variety of clientele. I have worked with youth through middle aged men and women on a variety of goals. I love learning and keeping up to date with the current research in the health and fitness field.

    Hobbies and Interests: Anything outdoors! Mountaineering, hiking, rock climbing, backpacking, trail running, stand up paddleboarding, and playing with my very active daughter, husband, and dog!

  • Stephanie Stafford, CSCS
    Personal Trainer

    I have been training clients and athletes for 16 years. I ventured into the world of personal training from sports medicine. I love helping clients find their way out of pain through corrective exercise and rebalancing their bodies. I was voted “Best Personal Trainer “ in Mountain View, California 2 years in a row before moving to the Denver area.  

    I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a Precision Nutrition certification as well. I have spent the past 16 years focusing on continuing to educate myself on what’s new in this industry. I am passionate about bringing fitness to those who need it most. Fitness does not look the same on all people but the psychological, and physical benefits remain constant.

  • Jenn Evon, MS, CPT, CES
    Functional Medicine Nutritionist

    Jenn is a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, yoga instructor, and a member of the American College of Nutrition. Jenn studied accounting, economics, and Spanish at Regis University. She then earned her Master's degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States, where she serves on the teaching staff. Jenn used the healing and transformative power of whole-food nutrition and functional medicine to overcome her own challenges with adrenal dysregulation, leaky gut, and chronic pain associated with scoliosis.

    Jenn is a Colorado native and enjoys hiking, strength training, and yoga. She uses her background in anatomy and functional movement along with her training in functional medicine nutrition to provide tailored diet and lifestyle recommendations to patients. She believes health is our greatest asset and is passionate about helping others to live vibrantly and pain-free.

  • Kat McNiece
    Health Coach & Team Coordinator


  • Kelly McGinnis
    Patient Care Coordinator


  • Annmarie Misiti
    Front Desk Assistant


Body In Balance Wellness Center

In 2004, Drs. Scott and Leah started practicing their dream together by opening up Body In Balance Chiropractic in beautiful Golden, Colorado. They were seeing amazing life changes in their patient’s bodies, but they knew something was missing. To meet a greater need for patient lifestyle improvements, they introduced the Extreme Makeover Body Edition and the Ultimate Health-Style Challenge. They became part of the nationally-recognized group, Maximized Living, and became educators for the Center for Living Education. For many years, they educated their patients and community on how to be healthy through exercise, nutrition, and stress management. They were voted among the best chiropractors in the country in 2009.

In 2011, Drs. Scott and Leah co-published the book: Chiropractic Pure and Simple: 7 Wellness Secrets that will Change Your Life! With the desire to be able to help more people in the community, Drs. Scott and Leah Hahn joined the Wellness Champions in 2012. Shortly thereafter they knew they needed to expand their office to better support the community’s needs.

In 2013, Drs. Scott and Leah expanded Body In Balance Chiropractic to become Body In Balance Wellness Center and introduced the 8 Weeks To Wellness program to Golden and the surrounding communities. The following year they opened up Body In Balance Fitness Center. Currently, Drs. Scott and Leah Hahn own and operate one of the premier Health and Wellness Centers in the Front Range offering the 8 Weeks To Wellness program, Network Spinal Analysis chiropractic care, Functional Nutrition, Holistic Health Coaching, Massage, Fitness through group and personalized training, and Somato-Respiratory Integration.

They are constantly striving to learn more to be able to better support their patient’s needs. When people have a supportive environment with education as well as accountability, achieving the health you desire is possible! Drs. Scott and Leah have helped thousands of patients achieve their health, fitness, and wellness goals.


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