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Frequently Asked Questions

1) I haven’t done much for myself in years. Am I too unhealthy to start the program?

Each program is individualized and designed to address your specific health challenges. Our evaluation and wellness score provides a comprehensive understanding of your specific health and wellness needs. We tailor the program based on your exam findings. Depending on your state of health, it may be important to get clearance from your Primary Care Physician.

2) What is the cost of the program?

We have affordable payment plans. We also provide receipts for flexible-spending (FSA) and health spending accounts (HSA).

3) Do I have to take supplements?

Supplements are utilized dependent upon your specific needs.  They are included in the program price and are of FDA-approved, medical-grade quality, meaning you can only find them in a doctor’s office.

4) How much of my time will be committed to being there

We anticipate that you will commit approximately 4 hours a week to your program actually at our location.  We have flexible hours to accommodate people’s busy schedules.  Programs are tailored around your busy schedule.

5) Do we have to do the chiropractic portion?

To achieve optimal results, every aspect of the 8WW program is important.  The chiropractic portion of the program optimizes the function of the body and nervous system.  It is the backbone of the program. NSA Chiropractic enables your body to function at its best, optimizing the rest of the program. We would be happy to answer any questions regarding NSA chiropractic before you begin the program.

6) Does the price include my meals?

A goal of the 8WW program is to help you make the appropriate food choices for your body.  Each individual has specific nutritional needs, so it is important that you learn to choose and prepare food that will enhance your health and wellness needs.  The 8WW program does include a journal, manual, and recipes that can be tailored to your dietary requirements.

7) How soon can I start?

Attendance or viewing of the orientation session is required to participate in the 8WW program. It’s for your benefit, so that you can truly grasp the depth of your commitment and what is involved. The orientation allows you to do your very best. If appropriate for your schedule, the program will start approximately 7 – 10 days later--giving you enough time to have your blood work, measurements, initial exam completed, and any necessary preparation for scheduling and meal planning. Please call the office to confirm the date and time of the next orientation.