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Wellness Score

How to Measure Health and What is the Wellness Score?

According to the World Health Organization, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

It is important to have a health care team. We believe that you need a primary care doctor, i.e. a sickness care doctor, and a wellness care doctor, i.e. an 8 Weeks to Wellness doctor. The more you utilize the wellness care doctor the less you’ll need the sickness care doctor.

Typically, people measure their health based on how good they feel at any given moment.  However, we all know someone who felt fine one day and was dealing with a health crisis the next day.  So, how do you accurately measure someone’s true level of health/wellness?  

That’s where the WELLNESS SCORE comes in. The Wellness Score a scoring system measuring and tracking your physiology and function with biomarkers of health. The Wellness Score provides you with a grade of “A” thru “F”, accurately describing the quality of your health and the direction your health is taking.  The Wellness Scores of “A” through “F” describe a range of lifestyle qualities from “you are doing fantastic” to, “you need to improve specific facets of your routine” to “you need to take massive levels of action to insure that you do not become a sad statistic.”

Samples of biomarkers that may be measured in our 8WW office include:

BODY MASS INDEX (BMI) – This is a height and weight index. A BMI of 30 or above exponentially increases your risk factors for the 3 biggest killers of Americans: heart disease, cancer, and obesity-related conditions such as diabetes.

POSTURE – Your posture indicates the health of your spine and nervous system. Digital photos are utilized to begin the assessment process of your spine. Needless to say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

CORE STRENGTH AND FLEXIBILITY – Strength and flexibility are measured along with your movement patterns and joint mobility.  A strong core helps us support our bodies through its everyday movements. Joints that are moving properly have greater longevity.  The average American is in a sitting posture for great lengths of the day, and it takes a huge toll on posture, strength, and flexibility.

BODY FAT PERCENTAGE - The single best determiner of how well we age is how much body fat we gain and how much muscle we lose. Even if the scale indicates our weight is not changing, our body composition is changing as we age. One pound of muscle burns 3 times as many calories as one pound of fat, yet muscle takes up half the space of fat in your body.  Knowing your percentage of body fat is crucial to knowing how WELL you are.

HEART RATE VARIABILITY (HRV) – The heart rate variability test measures your nervous system’s adaptation to the world around you.  It reveals if your body is adapting and responding appropriately to the stressors you encounter every day.  We work with your spine and nervous system to optimize how your body is responding to stress, improving its adaptability and therefore your health.    

** This is just a sampling of what we measure with your Wellness Score.  Please call (303) 215-0390 today to schedule your Wellness Score exam it. Schedule today so we can let you know just how well you are!  If you are a returning or existing practice member, and wish to have your Wellness Score exam performed, please call our office for special offers.