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Posted on 01-15-2018

Why Do We Practice NSA (Network Spinal Analysis)?

When Scott and I were in chiropractic school, we learned multiple methods of adjusting the spine. It was a fascinating time of learning so many different ways to help people heal and improve their health. Scott, now Dr. Scott, was interested in Gonstead, a very specific technique, but also very forceful in its application. I was always drawn to gentler techniques and eventually discovered Network Spinal Analysis. Eventually, after gaining much experience with patients, we decided that NSA would be the most effective approach to practice.

So, why do we practice NSA; what made us come to this decision? As we had more and more experience with patients, we learned that NSA has incredible benefits beyond pain relief. Network Spinal Analysis is one of the most researched techniques in chiropractic. Most chiropractic techniques do not have a strong system of analysis. Many chiropractors practice-- "if there is a high spot that is tender to the touch, push it down." There is not real system to determine if that is what is really creating the patient's health challenge. NSA has one of the most in-depth forms of analysis available for determining where spinal misalignments are located and how that misalignment is affecting someone's function and well-being as a whole.

I will give you an example: a patient comes in with a chronic rib pain. Each time he plays golf, his rib becomes subluxated, causing pain and making it difficult to reach overhead or roll over in bed. His quality of sleep is affected, therefore affecting his life in a negative way. This patient has a history of visiting a chiropractor to have the rib "popped" into place and does this multiples times a year. When this patient visits our office, we are interested in finding out why this issue has happened so repeatedly throughout his life. We run tests to determine how the spine is functioning, how the muscles are working, motion studies to see how the spine actually moves, functional fitness testing to determine mobility and strength-- and discover that due to the torquing in the patient's pelvis and upper neck, his ribs are constantly in a rotated, stressed position. The act of golfing, or lifting heavy items, puts even more stress on this patient's body, causing the rib pain to become aggravated. Due to the patient's weak core, activities in which he should be supported are not supported, leading to more dysfunction and chronic issues.

With NSA protocol, we are able to determine what the priority is for shifting this patient's body. With very specific cues to the nervous system (think: the vector of the contact, the depth of the contact, the length of the contact, etc.), we are able to improve the balance of the spine and reduce the torquing on the pelvis and cervical spine (neck). With these changes, the patient's rib stops subluxating, he feels better, feels stronger, and is able to be more productive (and even better, can enjoy his golf game without chronic rib pain).

Because NSA is so strong in its analysis, our adjustments can become very specific in allowing the healing process to accelerate. We can get to the root of the issue, versus just adjusting the same bone back into place over and over again. Even better, this is all done in a gentle, effective manner, that does not cause stress to the nervous system. Muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones start to function in an effective manner-- which is evidenced via sEMG scans, thermography scans, motion studies, as well as functional fitness improvements. Most importantly, the patient's health and quality of life are improved!

We love the accurate, gentle approach that NSA provides - because NSA protocol assists us in getting to the root issues, we can help people tackle health challenges that they have often dealt with for YEARS!

Due to the gentleness of the approach, we have adjusted babies on their first day of life to men and women in their late 90s. Each day we see life progress for so many under NSA care; it is rewarding to our team and our community.

NSA is a huge blessing.....check us out at www.bodyinbalancechiropractic.com!

Remember: Create Health by Choice, not by Chance.


Dr. Leah Hahn. D.C., F.I.C.P.A.

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