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Our Unique Approach

Our Unique Approach

The Fitness Center at Body In Balance Wellness CenterIn our Fitness Center you will work with our professional personal trainers in a program designed specifically for you and your goals.

Your functional fitness needs will determine where you will start with your Targeted Postural Fitness Sessions.  These sessions focus on mobility, corrective postural based movements as well as functionally based movement.  It is imperative that your body is moving correctly before we ever decide to weight a joint.  Our training is based on functional movements and additionally incorporates both cardiovascular and resistance training exercises. Whether you are 18 or 90, you will find Body In Balance Fitness Center a match for you.

Body In Balance Wellness Center’s state-of-the-art exercise facility specializes in exercise protocols taking into account each patient’s age, condition, physical limitations, as well as, technical and motivational levels.  Our exercise trainers are skilled and knowledgeable and will help you achieve your therapeutic and/or fitness goals. 

What separates us is that your health is evaluated by a team of professionals before you even start a program. Your spinal and joint integrity, movement patterns, mobility, ability, strength, age, percentage of body fat, heart rate and many other factors are used to precisely design your Targeted Postural Fitness sessions.  Your exact fitness level will be determined and your program will be designed specifically for you.  As you progress through your program, sessions continue to be tailored by our team of professionals to provide you with success.  Outcome measurements are used to increase your accountability and results.  Our focus is on creating long-term success as opposed to sacrificing to reach short term gains.