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I came to Body In Balance due to recurrent pain in both upper arms from work demands and long distance cycling positioning, as well as for general stress and high blood pressure. The pain is gone. I feel MUCH better alignment and balance in my body and am calmer, more even, and have a upbeat outlook on everything. My blood pressure is back to normal, I’m sleeping well, and I feel great!  -Dorothy B.I have had back and hip pain for over 8 years with no relief with traditional physical therapy or chiropractic care. My awesome massage therapist recommended that I try the 8WW program at Body In Balance. The chiropractic care has helped my back and hips realign. I have little to no pain doing the activities that used to aggravate them. I feel my body improving every week. The hobbies I used to be able to do have become the hobbies I can do again. The Body In Balance staff has supported me every step of the way in achieving good health. -Kari M.Network Logo

Drs. Scott and Leah Hahn provide advanced spinal care utilizing a revolutionary, highly effective chiropractic technique called Network Spinal Analysis (NSA). NSA is not only the most specific chiropractic technique, but it is also the most researched.

Any chiropractor is trained to adjust the spine, but learning how to practice NSA takes years more of training. Most chiropractic techniques do not have a strong system of analysis to determine the root cause of a patient's health challenge. NSA has one of the most in-depth forms of analysis available to uncover where spinal misalignments are located and how those misalignments are affecting someone's function and well-being. Because NSA is so strong in its analysis, very specific adjustments allow the healing process to accelerate. Drs. Scott and Leah can get to the root of the issue, versus simply adjusting the same bone back into place over and over again. Even better, this is all done in a gentle, relaxing, and effective manner that does not cause stress to the nervous system.

During NSA care, Drs. Scott and Leah apply low force touch contacts on specific contact points along the body, called Spinal Gateways. These gentle contacts send a message to the brain that allows it to connect more effectively with the spine and the body. As the body adapts, the patterns in which nerves fire become reorganized. The intent of NSA care is to enable the body's own self-generated mechanisms of healing and to assist in the correction of tension patterns and interference to the nervous system.

NSA advances patients through a series of levels, which help the body heal and adapt more effectively to the stressful situations we all deal with in life. NSA chiropractic care has been shown to improve spinal and neural integrity, adaptability, and significantly advance wellness as well as quality of life.

Never in the history of chiropractic have we been able to provide the level of help and expertise that now exists. This method is safe, gentle, and relaxing - with no popping or cracking. Due to the gentleness of this approach, Drs. Scott and Leah have adjusted babies on their first day of life, men and women in their late 90s, and all ages in between.

What Does the Research Say?

A University of California, Irvine study of 2,818 Network care patients from the United States, Canada, Australia, and Puerto Rico found that NSA contributed to a 76% improvement in overall wellness. This wellness score was comprised of physical, mental, and emotional health, as well as perceived stress and life enjoyment. Benefits were noted as early as 1-3 months into care and there was no upper limit for benefit (meaning that a person continues to feel better and better with NSA care!). Because of these improvements in health and well-being, 99% of those surveyed planned to continue NSA care.


Blanks, R.H.I., Schuster, T.L., & Dobson, M. (1997). A retrospective assessment of network care using a survey of self-rated health, wellness and quality of life. Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, 1(4), 1-17. 

What Can Network Spinal Analysis Help With?

Through NSA care, we commonly address the following in our clinic:

  • Low back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis
  • Migraines & headaches
  • Allergies
  • Digestive problems
  • Anxiety & depression
  • Fatigue

Call us today at 303-215-0390 and let us help you return to optimal health!

What Our Patients Are Saying...

Deb A. Testimonial

I decided to begin chiropractic care at Body In Balance Wellness Center because I was extremely lethargic and exhausted all of the time. My daily MO seemed to consist of going until I dropped every day. I wanted to regain my energy and improve general mental, emotional, and physical wellness. I have been receiving chiropractic care for approximately 9 months. My favorite aspect of care is that my body and mind are learning how to be healthy again, how to reset, be adaptable and open to personal growth… physically, mentally, and emotionally. NSA is different because I feel that it becomes progressive health care rather than restorative. The most significant change I have experienced has been my awareness of my body, mind, and emotions. This has helped me realize “my” role and “my” part in my wellbeing. I also just feel better and have more energy. I’m now very aware of when I’m not operating at an optimal health level. I’m learning what the causes are what I can do to improve them. I feel great, have mor energy, and am gaining a new outlook on life! 

-Luke P.

"I had a concussion and whiplash from a car accident. I tried 18 sessions of traditional chiropractic and got limited improvement that didn’t last. After 3 sessions here, I had a total elimination of my headaches. I have been in chiropractic care for 2 months at Body In Balance Wellness Center. My favorite aspect of chiropractic care here is how quickly I get relief and how it’s training my body to maintain the recovery. I like the gentle and painless adjustment process and I don’t tense up waiting for a pop or a crack. The most significant improvement since starting care has been the elimination of headaches. I had headaches 24/7 that were 4-5 on the pain scale – now they are infrequent and only 2-3 on the pain scale. I am more aware of how my body is moving in space and how I am holding it. I have “made friends” with my body instead of being angry at how much I hurt. I attended the monthly Phases & Stages class at Body In Balance to learn more about Network Spinal Analysis. Before the class, I was shocked and amazed at the nearly instant reduction in pain from my car accident. I told my friends it was “magic.” The class introduced me to the science behind the magic. My husband came with me and is now even more supportive of my continuing with chiropractic care. "

-Karen P.

I have had chronic pain for most of my life and have pursued help through traditional western medicine as well as most forms of alternative medicine. NSA has been the only treatment that has reduced my pain. Unlike other practitioners, they have encouraged me and supported me in making lifestyle changes that are the key to optimal health. I have known so many people whose lives have been changed by working with them. I would strongly encourage everyone to learn about the care that they offer and come in for a consultation."

-Carolee M.

"I began coming to Body in Balance due to a significant increase in anxiety that became debilitating. I had been to my primary care physician, several psychologists, and a psychiatrist before coming to Body in Balance - because I thought, could a chiropractor really help that much with my anxiety? It has been five months since my first adjustment, and I can feel such a difference.  The weekly adjustments, as well as massages and nutrition consultations have improved my life tremendously. They also hold free seminars to educate you on how to live a healthier and happier life. My anxiety has decreased significantly, my brain is less foggy, and I feel more energetic and like myself. I believe that in time, thanks to Body in Balance, I will feel better than I've ever felt before. Not to mention, the doctors and staff are amazing. They truly care about you and check in with you consistently. They have been incredibly supportive throughout this journey. I recommend them to any/everyone! Thank you, Body in Balance!" 

-Christina B.

"Network Spinal Analysis has a value that other traditional chiropractic adjustments do not seem to have. I have done over $100K in chiropractic care due to a neck injury and sports; everything always returns to its former painful spots. However, NSA is changing the patterns AND the pain. After 6 weeks I have noticed improvements in the spine and pain. Now, I notice so much more, such as allergy relief. I have not taken allergy medicine for several weeks now; that is a very nice change. I am grateful I found Body In Balance." 

-Susan F.

"I began my treatment at Body In Balance to relieve sciatica pain. That was over 3 years ago. Working 20 years at a primarily desk job had reeked havoc on my body. I held a large amount of my stress in my neck and shoulders. Through Dr. Leah and Scott's technique, that pain in my back and neck has subsided dramatically. I was able to take a break from their care until I was diagnosed with a disk/pinched nerve issue. Luckily the neurosurgeon recommended chiropractic treatments and I knew exactly where to go for the most effective care. It has been several moths of adjustments and physical therapy and I have noticed a 90% improvement. I no longer worry about possible surgery. I can enjoy daily activities without the pain." 

-Pat L.

"Dr. Leah adjusted me on a Monday. Whoa!... let me back up... I have not slept through the night since August. ONE adjustment... one gentle, NO FEAR adjustment and I slept. WOW! I slept. So... I'm a huge fan. I'm setting up my routine to get aligned and healthy and I am excited to have a team to help me get there. THANK YOU, Body In Balance!" 

-Peggy D.

"I came to Body In Balance for massage and because of a hip injury, and did a 12 week program. I am new to NSA and didn't know what to expect, but finished the program a believer. Dr. Leah is patient, careful to explain, and whatever she did in those soft-touch sessions did just as she predicted. As I sit and write, I have no hip pain or any of the other symptoms that I'd been dealing with for 5+ years. The office is user-friendly and helpful. I live in two states and have to make alternative appointments. They were great helping me find a schedule that would fit me. Highly recommended for sufferers of chronic pain, athletes, or anyone wanting to explore proactive spinal health." 

-Janis O.

"I cannot even find words to describe how much better my LIFE is, not just my back... I came to Body In Balance Wellness Center wanting my back pain managed. After roughly 3 months, I can confidently say the pain I was hoping to manage is almost non-existent. Leah and Scott addressed my pain, and with x-rays and scans, explained what they saw. They shared with me, what I would consider, pretty alarming things happening to my 33 year-old spine. I was scared for what the future would hold, so I committed to whatever the doctors would offer me. We chose a 12 week program that included a non-traditional form of chiropractic care, corrective exercise, and massage. In those 12 weeks, weird things would happen to my body such as emotional instability, soreness, and aches, but every time I addressed these concerns, Drs. Leah or Scott would sound happy. Quickly I learned to celebrate the changes as well. I learned through the doctors that the changes were my body re-learning how to hold my spine in a more natural way. My muscles were re-awakened. All I can say is, this approach is different than any traditional doctor I have ever seen, and I will continue this care for the rest of my life! One last addition: Have you ever been stressed? Guess where that stress is when you think you are "managing it"? Your spine. Trust me, Leah and Scott will help you manage your stress, which will help you manage your PAIN!" 

-Lindsey B.

"Best chiro ever. When I walked into BIB, I wasn't well. I had been to a zap and crack chiro after a car accident, but those adjustments were causing more pain. Shortly after I started going to BIB, I noticed changes in my back, my gait and my pain level decreased immediately. The doctors are caring and amazing. It's been several years and I continue to see changes in my x-rays and progress exams. More than that, I feel great! I'm not sure I'd be walking, or gardening, or snowboarding, or biking or hiking without the care at Body In Balance Wellness Center. They are WAY better than traditional chiropractors. Don't wait any longer. Go there! You'll be happy you did!" 

-Laura B.

"I was tired of wasting my money at a chiropractor who would make me feel better for a day and then I would be back to hurting again. My family and I have been going to Body In Balance for over 6 months now. It has changed all of our lives. I had migraines and chronic neck pain every day. Within one week they were gone. I have had one migraine in 6 months. My 12 year-old daughter constantly complained about hip and ankle problems - gone after 1 visit. Every time I go in I believe more and more. In fact, yesterday I woke up with a headache and a big knot in my neck. Endured it all day. I went in at 5:00 and at 5:30, I was a new man. This technique works and the doctors and staff are the nicest people you will ever meet!" 

-Tony C.

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